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Offshore Outsourcing: Indian IT

Every nation has certain qualities, which makes it stand one amongst many.
India has created a very high goodwill in the field of offshore outsourcing. Offshore outsourcing to India is taking place in various sectors.

India has achieved a unique position in the Information Technology sector. India is a hot destination for world business organizations when it comes to satiating their outsourcing needs. Dominance of India in offshore outsourcing IT sectors such as business process outsourcing, call centers and other outsourcing sectors like IT consulting is now accepted globally.
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To remain with the constitution of this site we shall now attempt to understand Indian IT sector from legal and business perspective.

Biggest benefit that clients derive from offshore outsourcing to India is securing India’s quality manpower; majority of Indian manpower is well versed with English and is qualified to meet the international standards. Multinationals are poring into India because of its lower manpower cost. The cost of hiring an IT expert in India is much lesser than the cost which an outsourcer would have incurred at another region of the world.

Other business advantage that catches the attention of global outsourcer to India specifically for IT offshore outsourcing includes infrastructure, active government support, legal framework etc. During these years India has developed infrastructure, which equals the world standards and has certainly gained recognition in every outsourcers mind. The state governments and central government of India have created policies that help in generating a favorable climate for offshore outsourcing.

It should be noted that by enacting Indian IT Act, Indian government has taken a giant leap for framing a legal foundation for Indian Information Technology environment that is free of any legal and business issues. According to Mr. Pavan Duggala, a leading advocate of cyber laws “India is the 12th nation in the world that has Cyber Legislation apart from countries like the US, Singapore, France, Malaysia and Japan.” In brief, Indian stands at an advantageous position thanks to its quality manpower, active government support and stable political climate.

Indian outsourcing industry has started facing threats from Asia-Pacific regions. Countries like Philippines, China, Israel, Ireland and Singapore, who have started understanding the potentiality of offshore outsourcing industry, stand a threat to India in the long run.

However, it is felt that the Brand of India will still glue the outsourcers. In the foreseeable future India’s IT outsourcing would remain a frontrunner in the securing contracts for offshore outsourcing.
It is necessary to state that every client should take his outsourcing decision based on his own requirement. Simply outsourcing would not imply business competitiveness. Outsourcing to a right service provider is important. This decision should be taken with due care

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