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Offshore Outsourcing  

Information on offshore outsourcing

Strategic Advantages and General Process
Offshore outsourcing is an old concept that has today gained a global recognition. Business organizations today are exploiting the offshore outsourcing resources to gain strategic advantage. We have introduced few strategic advantages that can be earned by global organization through offshore outsourcing options. Biggest advantage of offshore outsourcing is the cost savings. Firms who have outsourced have achieved cost advantages over their competitors. Offshore outsourcing destinations are using state of the art technology thereby enabling the outsourcer to have easy migration and technological access. Outsourcers can also exploit time zone difference to their strategic business benefit. Other strategic benefits include better utilization of resources, flexibility etc. we have also explained general steps towards offshore outsourcing. These steps include internal assessment, request for proposal, evaluation process, selection process, execution of contract, review and close-Out.

Outsourcing facts
Outsourcing Offshore outsourcing is the new buzzword in the minds of every businessman. Through this resource we have cited few facts and figures of regarding offshore outsourcing. Global giants have started investing in offshore outsourcing resources to reduce their overall cost. Offshore outsourcing is also a driving force in generating employment.

India: Global leadership
India is a global hub when it comes to offshore outsourcing. More and more international outsourcers are considering India for their offshore outsourcing needs. We have reflected upon the advantages that India has when it comes to offshore outsourcing.

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