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Offshore Outsourcing  


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>> Offshore Outsourcing Process
           - We have attempted to give you an insight into the process of offshore outsourcing and tried to answer the question: How to outsource?

>> Legal Issues in Offshore Outsourcing
           - With the advent of offshore outsourcing, countries have started working in heterogeneous environment that does not consider geographical boundaries. In this section, we have looked into certain legal issues in offshore outsourcing.

>> Business Issues in Offshore Outsourcing
           - Business and Risk always share inverse relationship. Here, we make an attempt at covering some important business issues affecting offshore outsourcing.

>> Outsourcing IT to India
           - India is a hot destination for world business organizations when it comes to satiating their outsourcing needs. India has achieved a unique position in the Information Technology sector. This section talks of India's capabilities in the field of Offshore Outsourcing.


>> Offshore Outsourcing
           - Take a look at the strategic advantages and the general steps for Outsourcing Process.
>> Outsourcing Facts
           - How much do you know about the Outsourcing Facts in numbers? Find latest Outsourcing stats right here.
>> Advantage India
           - Find out why India is the numero uno in Offshore Software Development in the World.
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